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Sponsorship Opportunities

Be seen in Westlock County! 

Leverage naming rights and sponsorship opportunities to market your business or organization. 


Westlock County strives to provide quality facilities and services to its residents while being mindful of how it spends tax dollars – its main source of revenue.

Westlock County will be collaborating with companies within the region and elsewhere to provide naming rights and advertising sponsorship opportunities for some municipal facilities and infrastructure. The Municipality has engaged an agency to provide sponsorship, naming rights and advertising services for the purpose of reducing the financial impact on ratepayers.

What are naming rights?

Naming rights are a form of advertising whereby a corporation or other entity purchases the right to name a facility, typically for a defined period of time.

Naming rights agreements and sponsorship programs can provide the Municipality with alternative funding sources to benefit the quality of life for those who live here and attract visitors to the region. Without exploring this option, Westlock County could be forced to increase property taxes, go into debt, or decrease service levels.

What does the County naming rights and sponsorship program entail?

With Council’s approval, administration has launched a new program to sell the naming rights of County-owned assets to companies and organizations for a fixed period of time. This entails the name only, and not the actual facility, or assets and operations within. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities will also be available through a Community Champions program. A program where entities can support local organizations via funding for infrastructure improvements for community owned facilities within the boundaries of Westlock County. Naming rights and sponsorships will not impact programming or service delivery.

Westlock County has engaged Performance Sponsorship to conduct a professional audit and valuation of municipal assets, which provides the opportunity to sell exclusive naming rights and sponsorship opportunities to companies who align with the Municipality’s vision, values, brand and passions.

Companies who may be interested in learning about how to become a Community Champion or naming rights holder can contact the agency below for further information about how they can provide community support within Westlock County.

Performance Sponsorship Group Contact
Judy Haber, Founder