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Enforcement Services

Westlock County’s Peace Officer is appointed by Alberta Justice under the provisions of the Peace Officer Act to enforce certain Provincial statutes. To enhance this service, Westlock County has established solid working relationships with other agencies including the Town of Westlock, RCMP and Alberta Transportation.

Our Peace Officer’s objectives are to ensure public safety, protect the infrastructure of municipal roadways, recreational lands & promote traffic safety, and ensure County Bylaws are adhered to, provide animal control and handle public complaints.

Received a bylaw ticket and unsure what to do now?

If you wish to schedule a court date to contest your ticket, contact:

  • Driessen De Rudder Law Office

          5017 50 Ave., Barrhead, AB T7N 1A2

          Brant De Rudder 780-674-2276

Enforcement Services Key Contacts

Darcy DeVos

Manager of Enforcement Services


Email Darcy

Taylor Whiting

Community Peace Officer


Email Taylor

Emergency: 911

The province under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act governs traffic laws and safety and our Peace Officer enforces these in Westlock County along with our Traffic Control and Road Protection Bylaw.

Alberta Traffic Safety Act

Traffic By-law

All overweight/over-dimensional commercial transportation on municipal roadways requires permits and are processed through Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS).

Please contact:

Transportation Engineering Office
1-800-662-7138 (ask to speak to someone about TRAVIS)
or visit;
Web address – Alberta Transportation

Permits Online – Government of Alberta Permits

Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw for any and all regulations regarding personal advertising within County ditches, right of ways and roadside.

WC Land Use Bylaw

In Alberta, an off-highway vehicle (OHV) is defined in the Traffic Safety Act as any motorized mode of transportation built for cross-country travel on land, water, snow, ice or marsh or swamp land or on other natural terrain, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes, when specifically designed for such travel,

  • 4-wheel drive vehicles,
  • low pressure tire vehicles,
  • motorcycles and related 2-wheel vehicles,
  • amphibious vehicles,
  • all-terrain vehicles (ATVs),
  • utility terrain vehicles,
  • miniature motor vehicles,
  • snow vehicles,
  • minibikes, and
  • any other means of motorized transportation.

This definition includes OHVs known as side-by-sides, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and snow bikes. Excluded are motor boats, farm machinery, and construction machinery.

Off Highway Vehicle By-law

New Helmet Requirement for Off-Highway Vehicle Riders

The Dog Control Bylaw 16-2012 is for the purpose of regulating and controlling of dogs within the boundaries of Westlock County and supports responsible pet ownership.

Westlock County’s Peace Officer investigates complaints regarding dogs at large upon receiving a written statement.

Dog Control Bylaw

Helping to keep our community at its best.

Most Westlock County residents take great pride in the appearance of their property, and value well-kept neighborhoods as part of the overall quality of life. The Unsightly Premises Bylaw applies to situations that have a negative effect on other people and their enjoyment of their property. This bylaw covers issues such as unsightly property. The bylaw may apply to properties with an excessive amount of:

(1) Upon which there is:

  1. i) Litter;
  2. ii) Tall and unkempt grass, trees and/or shrubs that are unkempt, or that may in any way interfere with or endanger lines, poles, conduits, pipes, sewers or other works of a Municipality or other public utility,
  3. iii) Any whole or parts of machinery, motor vehicle(s) or other manufactured goods which are dumped, discarded, stored, abandoned or otherwise disposed of or situated on or near any lands, building or premises;
  4. iv) No more than two unregistered vehicles in any rural subdivision or hamlet,

(2) That is not in keeping with the surrounding properties or community standards;

(3) That is not neat in appearance, being caused by carelessness, causing visual or sensory pollution to another person

Unsightly Bylaw

If you would like to make a complaint to the Community Peace Officer, use the email link and complaint form attached and email back.

(Anonymous complaints will not be accepted nor acted upon.)

Complaint Form