Invest in Westlock County

Why Investors Choose Westlock County

Import and export with road, rail and air connectivity


The County maintains an extensive road network that provides access to local markets and major logistic connectors like the Edmonton region. Westlock County is serviced by one primary east-west provincial highway, Highway 18, with the route providing access to neighbouring communities in the County of Barrhead and Thorhild County. Highway 2 links the County to the Edmonton region to the south, and the City of Athabasca to the north. Highway 44 links to the Edmonton region and Highway 16 to the south and provides access to the Slave Lake Region to the north. 


Rail access to the County is well established, with one major rail line running through the County, linking its hamlets and municipal neighbours to markets to the east and west.


The Westlock Municipal Airport is close to Edmonton for short excursions; gateway access, bringing ground travellers in via Highways 18 and 44, and air travellers via Runways 10 and 28.  The airport currently has 34 commercially developed lots and there is additional property for future land development. 

Competitive Tax Rates

Westlock County offers competitive property tax rates to residents and businesses in the County; the year 2022 saw a 0% increase in the mill rate for property owners.

Intermunicipal Collaboration and Support 

Economic development is necessary to build a healthy regional economy and reimagine the future of Westlock County as a hub for residential, commercial, and agricultural growth. Prospective businesses and investors will find that the County will assist in selecting the ideal sites and identify labour and market connections for business growth. 

The Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) has recently initiated a Regional Economic Development Plan to highlight opportunities in Westlock County and area and to support strategic investment attraction. 

For investment opportunities, contact:

Tom Koep

Economic Development Manager


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Collin Steffes

General Manager of Planning and Community Development