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Road Bans

Westlock County Transportation Road Ban 2024

Please be advised that Westlock County is planning to issue a Road Ban of 100% effective Friday, May 17, 2024 at 7:00AM on all gravel roads due to the upcoming seasonal weather conditions.

Road Ban Order

Protect Westlock County Roads

Roads bans protect the safety and integrity of our roads. The spring thaw puts the roads in a fragile state as the frost built up in the road begins to melt.  The roadbed becomes soft as water is trapped between the surface of the road and a layer of frozen ice and gravel underneath.  The roads are especially fragile near the shoulders of the roads.  Heavy, repetitive loads across these roads can create permanent damage, potholes, ruts, and gouges in the road surface.  Westlock County applies seasonal weight restrictions on local roads to protect the infrastructure during this seasonal transition.

Road Weight Restrictions

The roads that have weight restrictions in rural Westlock County cannot withstand heavy or sustained loads and must be protected. Rural roads that allow loads at 100% axle weight during summer, fall and winter change to 75% during Spring Road Bans.

Road Ban FAQ’s

What are posted axle weights? Posted axle weights are the weight restrictions for vehicles that lowers the maximum legal registered permitted weight placed on a road. This protects the infrastructure from damage.

What is overweight? Overweight is defined as the weight on an axle or axle group, or total gross weight, being more than that allowed under the Traffic Safety Act.

When are the road bans in effect? Road ban dates depend on road and weather conditions. Approximately March – June Spring Road Bans (75% on gravel roads)

For further information on County road bans, please call the County Office at 780-349-3346 or email Natalie at

For information on Provincial road bans, please call 1-855-762-3226.