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Legislative Reports & Agreements

Municipal Inspection

The municipal inspection of Westlock County; Ministerial Order No. MSL:007/17 was issued February 21, 2017 and interview process by Strategic Steps Inc. was completed April 20, 2017.

Thank you to all that participated. 

Westlock Regional Collaboration Study

The Westlock Regional Collaboration Study commenced in August 2016 by Transitional Solutions Inc., for the Town of Westlock, Village of Clyde and Westlock County.  The goal of the Municipalities is to optimize their collective resources through collaboration to ensure the Region’s growth and long-term viability while ensuring effective and efficient service delivery for our residents.

Integrated Community sustainability Plan (ICSP)

In May 2005, the New Deal for Cities and Communities (NDCC) between Canada and Alberta was signed to transfer federal gas tax funding to Alberta municipalities. Subsequently, each Alberta municipality was invited to join this program and signed an agreement with the Province of Alberta outlining the requirements and benefits under the program.

As part of the agreement, municipalities were required to develop an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) by 2009. This long-range plan has four dimensions – environmental, cultural, social and economic – to be developed through public consultation and will provide direction to their Multi-Year Capital Infrastructure Plan.


Intermunicipal Development Plans

Westlock County and Town Of Westlock

Westlock County and Village of Clyde

Westlock County and Summer Village of Larkspur


Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks

Westlock County and Athabasca County

Westlock County and Sturgeon County

Westlock County and Thorhild County

Westlock County and Town of Westlock

Westlock County and Village of Clyde

Westlock County and Summer Village of Larkspur

Westlock County and MD of Lesser Slave River