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Budget Process

The Municipal Government Act requires that each year, Council adopt an operating and capitial budget.  Budgets are a plan of the expenditures and revenues that take place over the course of the year.  Each department prepares a budget required to provide the programs and services determined by Council through bylaws and policies.  During November and December, budgets are presented for Council’s consideration with the goal to adopt prior to the end of the year

NEWS RELEASE (December 14, 2023) - Approved 2024 Budget

The 2024 operating budget was approved on December 12th, 2023, and the final municipal tax rate will be approved in April 2024.


After a very productive few days, Westlock County Council approved the budget for 2024. Both Council and Administration thoroughly reviewed every aspect of operations and identified areas where reductions could be made without compromising the quality and level of services we provide.


Westlock County took a new approach to budget deliberations, presenting the Capital Budget separate from the Operating Budget. The 2024 Capital Budget was passed by Council at their November 14 Council Meeting. CAO Tony Kulbisky explained the shift in process, saying: “By separating capital and operating budget deliberations, it has allowed for much more focused discussions between Council and Administration, resulting in a much more collaborative and efficient process.”


“Being mindful of inflationary pressures on residents, farmers, commercial entities and the County, the budgeted expenditures are .37% less than budgeted in 2023. Administration used a conservative approach to assessment projections. With both conservative revenue projections and reduced expenditures, the budget still incorporates initiatives towards achieving Council’s strategic goals. We are very pleased with the collective process and look forward to a successful year ahead.” Peggy Hardinge, General Manager of Corporate Services stated about the budget.


“Westlock County is certainly in the minority of municipalities who are reducing their operating expenses in these challenging times, with the aim of limiting any potential tax increases.” Reeve Christine Wiese had to say. Administration incorporated the Pillars, Goals and Strategies outlined in the Council’s Strategic Plan.

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Overview of the 2024 Budget:
  • Setting the stage for development – formulating infrastructure plans for investment to support future development.
  • Strategic approach to address tax rates – balancing budget requirements with rising inflation while continuing to provide services to ratepayers while executing Council’s Strategic Plan.
  • Similar to 2023, transfers to reserves have been temporarily reduced and transfers from reserves are being used to support revenue in the short term, while anticipating offsetting growth in the long term.
  • The municipal property tax rates for 2024 will be calculated in the spring after property assessment values are available. After that, Council will review and adopt the final budget.
  • The 2024 Municipal Operating Budget includes $9,659,225 in revenues (other than taxation); $20,655,711 in expenditures; and a municipal tax requirement of $10,996,486.
  • The 2024 Municipal Capital Budget includes $986,000 in expenditures, with no municipal tax requirement, funded by reserves of $345,000, grants of $631,000 and sale proceeds of $10,000.
  • The 2024 total expense has reduced by 0.37% from 2023.
Investing in our Community:
  • Resources and Initiatives have been budgeted to support plans for future development of the North Sky Business Park and other areas within the County.
  • Through partnership with Highway 2 Conservation and Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) our Infrastructure department supports projects that promote positive environmental changes throughout the County
  • Plans to build and maintain sound infrastructure assets that will support the regional economy.
  • Plans to reduce gravel cost while still maintaining level of service to our residents on road maintenance.
  • Maintaining current assets, within infrastructure, in 2024 and begin preparations to promote growth by investing in hamlet infrastructure.
  • Refreshing the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) to provide guidance on community design, which is essential to County growth.
  • Data analytics that identify opportunities for the County
  • Highlight tourism amenities and create a welcoming environment for residents and visitors.
  • Enhance and revitalize tourism throughout a regional approach for all year opportunities.
  • Developing and enhancing relationships with the community groups to continue to enable the programs and services vital to the County’s future.

2024 Budget

2024 Approved Operating and Capital Budget


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