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Large Item Clean Up

Large Item Clean Up


April 29-30 Westlock County is hosting a Large Item Clean up for the Hamlet of Vimy

Residents are encouraged to place any large unwanted items by the curb on April 28 so that they can be collected on April 29-30 and cleaned up.

**Seniors who need assistance with putting an item on the curb can get a yellow ribbon from the Westlock County Administrative Office. They can then place it on the handle of their garbage pin and set their garbage bin at the front of their property.**

What do you need to know?

Items with fuel or oil tanks like barbeques, lawnmowers must have fuel and oil tanks drained.

Items need to be placed on the curb by April 28, as pick up will be on April 29 and possibly April 30. Seniors who need assistance, will be able to get a yellow ribbon from the County Office to place on their bins handle, and someone will assist them with getting the large item to the curb or to the truck.

Yellow Flags

For seniors that need assistance, you can get a yellow flag from the County Office. Tie your yellow flag to your garbage bin and place it on the curb so we know you require assistance.

Red Flags

Red Flags will be used for vehicles that the owner no longer wants, RV's or scrap cars. They will need to be called into the office, 780-349-3346, and will be collected at a later date.


  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • electronics
  • appliances
  • lumber
  • empty propane tanks
  • used oil filters and jugs
    (must be broken down and not in panels)
  • all metal items
    (bbq, lawnmower)
  • branches
    (must be under 6 feet in length)
  • Railway ties
    (must be under 6 feet in length)
  • satellite dishes (smaller modern-type dish)
  • tires
  • scrap/unwanted vehicle (contact the office prior to April 24)

Not Accepted:

  • glass
  • paint cans
  • satellite dishes (large older-type dish)
  • hazardous waste
  • pesticides/containers

We will be going to the other hamlets at later dates. Please stay tuned for updates.

For more information, please call 780-349-3346