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Relevant Bylaws, Policies, Procedures and Maps

Westlock County Land Use Bylaw 

  • Permit Applications: Find information regarding development permit application requirements and procedures in Section 2 
  • Design Provisions: Find information regarding development design allowances and specific provisions given to developments such as agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, recreational, resource extraction, and tourism amenities in Sections 5 and 6.


Westlock County Municipal Development Plan

  • Refer to Sections 3, 4 and 5 for policies applying to recreation, tourism, agricultural areas, industrial and commercial areas, and area overlays, including growth node areas
  • For County maps outlining information including existing land uses, agricultural capability, local topography, parks and heritage areas, wells and pipelines and environmental features, refer to Appendix B 
  • For overlays of future land uses in the County, including identified growth nodes, see image 7.2 of the Westlock County Municipal Development Plan


A number of County bylaws and policies relate to development and business operations. For a list of the most commonly requested bylaws and policies, see:

For investment opportunities, contact:

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