Hamlets and Facilities



Westlock County consists of 1200 square miles and is situated less than one hour from our Provincial Capital City of Edmonton.  The center of our County holds the Town of Westlock and Village of Clyde and these are surrounded by 9 hamlets — Busby, Pickardville, Pibroch, Dapp, Jarvie, Fawcett, Vimy, Nestow and Tawatinaw.  The population of Westlock County is just under 8,000 and there are close to 14,000 residents including all within the County borders.

Please come for a visit and see our vibrant mix of town and country, our friendly atmosphere, and our buoyant local trading economy.

Within Our County

Westlock County owns Halach Cemetery, Shoal Creek Cemetery, Tawatinaw Cemetery and Pickardville Cemetery within the County.  Community groups along with the county oversee the operations, which includes caretaking and administration of the cemeteries.

Please call the County office for contact information and burial regulations of the cemeteries.


The Westlock Municipal Airport CES4 was built in 1975 and is located about 5 miles east of the Town of Westlock and south 1 mile of Highway 18 on RR 260.  It has a lighted 75 x 3,400 ft runway, terminal and a self-serve fueling station that accepts credit card payment only.  The aviation fuel price is monitored and updated on a quarterly basis as per the established Airport Fuel Pricing Policy #14.01.

Please note that as of October 20, 2021 the price for 100LL aviation fuel is $2.06/L. 

The Westlock Municipal Airport is in close proximity to Edmonton for short excursions; gateway access, bringing ground travelers in via Highways 18 & 44 and air travelers via Runways 10 & 28.  We have 34 commercially developed lots and additional property for future land development.  For development opportunities please contact our Planning and Community Services department.


  • Local retail/construction/agricultural operations
  • Aerodrome Business Operators (mechanics; aircraft builders; custom spraying; skydive; pilot licensing)
  • Oil companies
  • RCMP
  • Fueling Traffic Station (enroute traffic)
  • Air Ambulance/STARS/Emergency Aircraft Landing/Emergency Services
  • Military
  • Students
  • Recreational Pilots
  • Government Officials

Beyond the Hamlets, there are many other community groups in Westlock County.


Eleanor Hall Elementary/Junior High School

Clyde & District Agricultural Society

Clyde & District Senior Citizen’s Drop-In Centre

Clyde Fire Department

Clyde Christian Bible Church

Golden Sunset 4-H Club


Half Moon Lake

Half Moon Lake Community Centre


Hazel Bluff

Hazel Bluff Hall

Hazel Bluff United Church

Hazel Bluff U.C.W.



Linaria Agricultural Complex

Linaria Curling Club

Linaria Senior’s Drop-In Centre


Long Island Lake

Long Island Light Horse Association


Pembina Heights

Pembina Heights Community League


Tawatinaw Valley



Department Contacts

Jessica Huppertz-Toews

Safety & Community Services Supervisor


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