Westlock County – Fire Advisory in Effect

Date:  June 1, 2018                     Time: 10:33 am Effective Friday June 1, 2018 Fire Advisory is now in effect for Westlock...



Council Overview

Westlock County council is divided into seven electoral areas called divisions. Each division has a Councillor that has been elected by citizens within the divisional boundaries. The Reeve  and Deputy Reeve are elected from within Council on an annual basis. Each councillor serves a four-year term. The Deputy reeve is elected from within Council on an annual basis.

Governed by the Provincial Municipal Government Act, the Council passes bylaws that provide for, develop and maintain a viable municipality. The primary function of the County Chief Administrative Officer is to act as the principal liaison between Council and Administration and to oversee the staff.


2017-2021 Council: 
Front Row:  
Deputy Reeve Brian Coleman Division 4; Reeve Lou Hall Division 3; CAO Leo Ludwig; 
Back Row:  Councillor Victor Julyan Division 1; Councillor Darrell Osmond Division 5; Councillor Jared Stitsen Division 2; Councillor 
Dennis Primeau Division 7; Councillor Fred Slobodian Division 6.

The main roles and responsibilities of your elected officials is to establish the general direction of the County by way of evaluating existing operational programs, establishing and reviewing operational policies and to authorize annual operating and capital budgets.  In addition to these general responsibilities for the County, the elected officials are also appointed to various internal Committees as well as external autonomous organizations.


Council Members

Lou Hall

Division 3 Reeve

Brian Coleman

Division 4 Deputy Reeve

Victor Julyan

Division 1 Councillor

Jared Stitsen

Division 2 Councillor

Darrell Osmond

Division 5 Councillor

Fred Slobodian

Division 6 Councillor

Dennis Primeau

Division 7 Councillor