Westlock County – Fire Advisory in Effect

Date:  June 1, 2018                     Time: 10:33 am Effective Friday June 1, 2018 Fire Advisory is now in effect for Westlock...





Westlock County Utility Services ensures all utility infrastructures meet current standards and practices. We will reliably provide an adequate supply of quality water under sufficient pressure in order to meet all customer demands for drinking and personal hygiene. We operate all systems according to applicable codes and respond to emergencies and customer concerns.

There are seven water distribution systems located within the county and 3 of these hamlets receive redistributed water from the Town of Westlock. Westlock County Utility Services regularly tests these water systems for iron, manganese and chlorine levels, as well as take bacteriological samples as required by Alberta Environment and recommended by Health Canada’s National Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

Waterworks System Reporting

Our team monitoring all our rural water facilities

The Utility Services department maintains over 480 water and wastewater customers. In order to provide timely service, the following information is needed when coming into the County office and setting up an account:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Legal Address
  • Possession Date
  • Contact Numbers

Application Fee
There is a $50 application fee when setting up a new account.

Rental Properties
If a property is being rented out, all utility billing will be billed to the owner. Utility accounts are to be in the name of the landowner.  It is the responsibility of the landowner to provide Westlock County with written permission to mail-out utility bills, services and charges to a renter.

Application for Utilities Installation and/or Service

Westlock County water utility customers are billed each month. Most customers have an outside meter, which is read monthly.

Bills are mailed as soon as possible at the beginning of each month. All statements of account are due and payable within 20 days of their issuance. A penalty of 2% will be assessed on any unpaid charges for water and sewer levies if the statement of account is not paid by the due date.

In the event that water and sewer levies and/or charges as outlined in the statement remain unpaid after 45 days from the date of its billing, the water service may be terminated and a re-connection fee of $50 plus all arrears must be paid before the service will be re-connected.

2018 Utility Rates


  • By mail to Westlock County 10336-106 Street Westlock, Alberta T7P 2G1
  • At the County Administration Office; cash, cheque or debit card only. Offices are open Monday to Friday during business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • At the County Administration Officer  through the mail slot; cheque only. Non-business hours, weekends and holidays.
  • At most chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions.
  • Via Telephone/Internet Banking through most major banks.

(Send Utility bill remittance portion with your payment.)

  • Make your cheque payable to Westlock County.
  • Your cancelled cheque is your receipt. Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • For your convenience a post-dated cheque is acceptable.

Please note in the event of a postal strike payments are still due and payable as usual for those rate payers unable to travel to the County Administration Office please utilize the electronic options of online or telephone banking.

Payment Options

Pre-Authorized Payments
You can authorize Westlock County to automatically withdraw the balance owing on your utility invoice from your bank account on the date your utility bill is due.

View Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Signing up for pre-authorized payments benefits you because:

  • You save time and money: No more cheques, stamps, or last minute rushes to pay.
  • Your payment is never late so you won’t pay penalties for late payments.

Westlock County offers a barrel fill station for potable water with a 2” male camlock connection (you must bring your own hose) and the dispenser is a credit card only machine at the following location(s):

Water Truckfill Station(s):

5006 – 50th Street – $6.00 per mз

Westlock County offers sewage disposal for county residents utilizing a commercial vacuum truck operator.  The lagoon is following the AEP sustainability and guidelines for safe septic disposal.  Please visit our office to register your equipment, disposal agreement, Disposal License $100.00/annually and Key Deposit $100.00 (one time).  Operators must provide a monthly disposal log sheet to the Utility Department.

Waste Water Disposal:

SE 26-58-27 W4 – $3.00 per mз

If you wish to fill out our digital Customer Service Request Form, please click here.

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Department Contacts

Dwayne Keller

Utility Services Manager
Email Dwayne

Jade Boissonnault

Administrative Assistant
Email Jade

Al Scott

Director of Infrastructure
Email Al