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Public Works

Public Works

Westlock County Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure within the County. Department tasks include road construction, access approaches, gravelling, road maintenance, ditching, dust control, snow removal, flood control, bridges, and signage on County roads.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 2100km of rural gravel roads and street and back alley maintenance in nine hamlets and eleven subdivisions.

When called upon Public Works provides people and equipment to support Emergency Services.


Transportation crews perform preventative maintenance activities throughout the year to improve the quality and extend the life of county roads, keeping them driveable and safe.

Road construction may involve digging up an old road, brush removal, re-grading, patching sections of road, cleaning out ditches or even installation of new culverts. During construction, slower moving traffic, rougher road conditions, higher noise levels and possibly road closures or detours may occur. Signage for road construction and bridgework is typically posted prior to a scheduled project.

Your safety is important to us, please use care, and caution when driving through construction areas. Obey signs, flag people, and slow down so we can all arrive home safely.

Do you need custom grading? Westlock County can assist you. Ratepayers wishing to have custom grading done may do so by following the guidelines listed below:

  • Sign a waiver at the County office providing a description of the work required and a contact number for the grader operator.
  • Pay for the first half hour of grader time, via cheque, cash, or debit, at a cost of $65.00 plus GST.

Anything over the first half hour will be invoiced to the consumer.

Westlock County’s Dust suppression program can help reduce nuisance dust on residential properties. For more information on our dust suppression program please contact us 780-349-3346 or view the application form below for details.

Please fill out the Application form and bring to the County Office with your payment during regular business hours. Cost of service and application deadline date will be advertised each Spring when it becomes available for purchase.

Dust Suppression Applications

Westlock County Infrastructure – 2018 Dust Control Program

Westlock County Council has approved the 2018 dust control program for residents residing adjacent to a gravel County road. Residents may apply to have a minimum of 100 meters of:


(dust suppressant is a calcium chloride/magnesium hydroxide solution)
applied on the County gravel road adjacent to them for the cost of:

$450.00/100 METRES PLUS GST

The deadline for applications – 4:00 pm Thursday May 31st, 2018.

No late applications will be accepted.

We are expecting to start the dust control program in early June or earlier weather permitting.

No guarantee regarding the dust suppression is implied and the County
reserves the right to grade the road if surface conditions so require.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie at 780-307-0585


Protect Westlock County Roads
Roads bans protect the safety and integrity of our roads. The spring time thaw puts the roads in a fragile state as the frost built up in the road begins to melt. The roadbed becomes soft as water is trapped between the surface of the road and a layer of frozen ice and gravel underneath. The roads are especially fragile near the shoulders of the roads. Heavy, repetitive loads across these roads can create permanent damage, potholes, ruts, and gouges in the road surface. Westlock County applies seasonal weight restrictions on local roads to protect the infrastructure during this spring time transition.

Road Weight Restrictions
The roads that have weight restrictions in rural Westlock County cannot withstand heavy or sustained loads and must be protected. Rural roads that allow loads at 100% axle weight during summer, fall and winter change to 75% during Spring Road Bans.

Road Ban FAQ’s

What are posted axle weights?

Posted axle weights are the weight restrictions for vehicles that lowers the maximum legal registered permitted weight placed on a road. This protects the infrastructure from damage.

What is overweight?

Overweight is defined as the weight on an axle or axle group, or total gross weight, being more than that allowed under the Traffic Safety Act.

When are the road bans in effect?

Road ban dates depend on road and weather conditions.
Approximately March – June Spring Road Bans
(75% on gravel roads)

Can I still haul during road bans?

Westlock County policy allows for producers and/or haulers of marketable agricultural products (livestock, grain, feed) to enter into a Road Use Agreement during the road ban season, allowing them to transport at 100% axle weight. The producer and/or hauler must:

·          Post a $3,000.00 bond or letter of credit to the County.
·          Notify the Westlock Transportation department as to the time, date, and number of loads transported.
·          Obtain a road ban permit from the County.
·          Producers and/or haulers who contract custom haulers must ensure that a road ban permit is in the hauler’s vehicles.

The Transportation Department will:

·          Stipulate the route to be used.
·          Conduct a road inspection of the proposed route both before and after the haul.
·          Have authority on the issuance and cancellation of road ban permits and road use agreements.
·          Do an assessment of road damages.

If no road damage occurs, the posted security will be returned to the producer and/or hauler.

If road damage does occur, the compensation will be deducted from the security. Any remaining balance will be refunded. Westlock County reserves the right to collect further compensation from the applicable party if damages exceed the amount of security posted

Further information:
For further information on County road bans, please call the County Office at 780-349- 3346.
For further information on Provincial road bans, please call 1-855-762-3226.



Overweight/Over-Dimensional Permits

Overweight loads can cause damage to Westlock County infrastructure resulting in increased maintenance costs.

All overweight/over-dimensional permits for Westlock County go through;
Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS)

Please contact:

Transportation Engineering Office
1-800-662-7138 (ask to speak to someone about TRAVIS)
or visit;
Web address – Alberta Transportation

Permits Online – Government of Alberta Permits

The goal of Westlock County is to clear snow from all roadways within four to five days after the end of a major snowfall. The removal of snow from approaches and driveways will not be done until roadways have been cleared.

Clearing of snow from County Roadways will take place in this priority:

  • Arterial roads
  • School bus routes
  • Commercial/Industrial haul routes
  • Collector roads
  • Hamlet roads
  • Other local roads
  • Roads to graveyards
  • Community Hall approaches & parking lots

As a result of our snow clearing activities, windrows may be deposited across laneways. We will do our very best at reducing the extent of these windrows; however, windrows will result from the snow clearing activity.

Never pass a grader when it is clearing snow from the roads. Whiteout conditions are often created in the front of the grader and reduce visibility for the operator and traveling public. Stay at least 15m back from the grader and wait for it to pull over before passing. The operators will pull over periodically to let vehicles pass.

If you need to get out of your personal driveway sooner than the four to five day snow removal turnaround by our graders then you are responsible to make your own arrangements for driveway clearing. Contact our office for a list of contractors that may be available to assist you with clearing your driveway.

In case of an emergency where ambulance/fire/police have to be dispatched by 911 please contact our office or after hours emergency line to have a specific route/driveway cleared for safe entrance and exit for emergency vehicles and the safety of the patient or resident.

Snow Flags

Individuals who wish to have their residence approaches and driveways plowed must purchase a flag from the County office at a cost of $30.00 dollars (+GST) per flag and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement, which is kept on file for future reference.

Make sure your flag is visible for our County grader operators at the driveway access point. The operator will then pick up the flag at the time of snow removal from your driveway. Driveways will be done at the discretion of the County, and will only be done from the road to the area where the car or truck is normally parked, near the residence.

The County cannot guarantee when the equipment will be available to perform the work of clearing your driveway.  If you require immediate service, please feel free to contact a private contractor to accommodate your needs.

Q:  If I call the County how long before someone calls me back?
A:  Westlock County will try their best to respond to most calls within 48hours however there may be unforeseen circumstances that may require longer response time.

Q:  How often are County roads graded?
A:  Most roads in Westlock County are graded on average 2-3 times per month (2-3 passes) dependent on traffic volumes.

Q:  How often are County roads gravelled?
A:  Typically gravel roads are resupplied with gravel on a rotating schedule with high traffic volume roads may be graveled more often. Policy 8.16 states Westlock County will attempt to gravel approximately 560km/year. Weather plays a significant role in determining the road maintenance activities and schedule.

Q:  Why is there not a speed limit sign on every road in the County?
A:  The standard posted speed limit throughout Westlock County is 80km unless otherwise posted.

Q:  What are the future plans for paving my road?
A:  There are no immediate plans for paving any roadways within Westlock County as most of the roads were built 50 plus years ago and rebuilding all of the roads would cost millions of dollars and take several decades to accomplish to today’s standards.

Q:  Why can’t I buy gravel from the County?
A:  All gravel and/or materials are purchased for County purposes only.

Q:  Who do I talk to about concerns for the Provincial Highways?
A:  Alberta Transportation North Central Region Office 780-674-4700 or Carillion 1-800-390-2242

Q:  How do I report a burned out streetlight?
A:  Reporting a streetlight outage in a subdivision or a hamlet may be done by contacting Fortis online at https://service.fortisalberta.com/streetlights; and/or by calling 780-310-9473. Make sure that you have your municipal address available when reporting the outage.

Q:  How do I request a new streetlight for my area?
A:  A letter requesting why you feel that a streetlight is required, should be addressed to Council for consideration or it can be emailed directly to ea@westlockcounty.com

Q:  Does the County provide snow removal for private driveways?
A:  Yes, Westlock County offers snow removal to rural residents who purchase a snow flag for the cost of $30.00 (+ GST) to have their driveway cleared per request upon filling out a Hold Harmless Agreement. The flag must be visible from the roadway for the operator and will be completed after all main roadways are cleared first. If residents require quicker response time then a private contractor may need to be hired to perform the work at the cost of the resident.

Q:  Is a landowner permitted to landscape the ditch or otherwise run property drainage into the County ditches surrounding their property?
A:  The purpose of ditches is to maintain the integrity of the road infrastructure and not for private drainage. A landowner cannot landscape property in a way that will affect the neighbouring land(s).

Click here for notices affecting Westlock County roadways

When submitting a Customer Service Request Form please ensure that all information and fields are completed and accurate.
Terms and Tips:
Road ConcernsExamples:  Potholes, Washout, Debris on the Roads
CulvertsExamples:  Damages, Exposed, Plugged
Snowplow Service –  Examples:  Purchase; Snow-flag to grade driveway or Custom Grading
GradingExamples:  Report Road maintenance of Range Roads or Township Roads, Report Drifts or Washed-out Range Roads or Township Roads

Incomplete or inaccurate information will lead to delays in servicing your request

If you have a transportation concern please fill out a Customer Service Request Form

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