Westlock County – Fire Advisory in Effect

Date:  June 1, 2018                     Time: 10:33 am Effective Friday June 1, 2018 Fire Advisory is now in effect for Westlock...




The County’s Agricultural Service Board (ASB) directs the Agriculture Services Department. This board functions as the voice of agriculture by advising and responding to issues of local, provincial and national interest. Through County Council, the ASB and the Agricultural Service department work diligently to carry out the ASB goal of promoting, protecting and enhancing agriculture and rural living in a sustainable manner. The Agricultural Services department is legislated to conduct its activities under the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act and the Livestock Diseases Act. The department supports the ASB to meet and make recommendations to Council and the Provincial Minister of Agriculture.

Vegetation Management

Westlock County sprays half the municipalities road allowances annually. Spraying begins as early as June 1st and can continue up to August 31st. There is public notification each year announcing the area to be sprayed.

Spot spraying may be conducted in other locations as designated by the Agricultural Fieldman.

Tansy Incentive

Who qualifies for the Incentive?

The incentive program is available to Westlock County residents. The incentive program is only available to users of approved herbicides Reclaim, Restore and Grazon at recognized rates for the control of Tansy.

How do Eligible Land Owners Access the Incentive?

Contact Westlock County agricultural staff and make them aware of the lands intended for herbicide weed control. County staff will inspect area to confirm eligibility of program. Upon completion of the herbicide application process, the appropriate receipts for the approved herbicides are to be forwarded to Westlock County agricultural staff.

Fenceline Program

ASB staff will consult and promote the fenceline program to our residents.  Weed Inspector will inspect fencelines, landowners to sign agreement prior to work commencing.   Work performed on fencelines and headlands adjacent to county roads will be done at no charge.  Fencelines and headlands which are not adjacent to county roads will be treated to a maximum of 5 meter wide and will be subject to a fee.   A registered residual herbicide will be applied at label rates.  Where two landowners share a fenceline both owners must sign agreement for work to commence.  Spraying will be on a first come first serve basis.

Restricted Weed Control Program

Westlock County operates a weed inspection program to ensure that the following weeds do not become established within County boundaries.  Westlock County will spray these weeds free of charge for the residents to prevent their establishment. Call the office for details 780-349-3346.

Weed Identification Service

Please bring in any suspect weeds for identification, early detection and early eradication are key components to achieve optimum control and prevent to small infestations from growing into large problems.

Weed Inspection Program

Westlock County conducts annual weed inspections to control the growth and spread of noxious weeds within the County. Weed inspections begin as early as June with all lands in the County inspected each year. Landowners who have weed infestations are notified and informed of appropriate actions to resolve the issue. The standard time frame for weed control is 7 days.

Any resident who does not want spraying alongside their property, must complete a No Spray Agreement with the County and post the supplied signs. Landowners are then responsible for weed control. This agreement is only in effect for the period of one year.

Come to the county office to fill out the appropriate forms.

The Westlock County Agricultural Department provides specialized rental equipment for our agricultural and rural residents.  Landowners pre book equipment, sign rental agreement with a deposit, transport, use and return the equipment to the County.  It is recommended to call early when booking equipment.

Schedule A

Westlock County
Agricultural Service Board
Rental Equipment Rates & Damage Deposits
GST will be added to all rates

Slip in Sprayer (Secure in truck box)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Pull Type Sprayer (Pin hitch)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Meter Miser (Small yard sprayer)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Exit Applicator equipment (Secure in truck box)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Tree Planter (2) (2”ball hitch)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Porta Potty (2” ball hitch)$25/day ($50 deposit)

Back Pack Sprayers$10/day ($50 deposit)

Skunk trap (2)$10/use ($50 deposit)

Soil SamplerN/C ($50 deposit)

*Equipment returned dirty may be charges a cleaning fee of $50.00
*All rental rates and surcharges are including GST.
*Porta Potty rented to Westlock County community groups only
*Exit concentrate foam 4 ltr/jug $40.00/jug N/A

Westlock County operates various programs to alleviate and reduce the incidences of Pest within the County.

GST will be added to all rates

Beaver Control Program

To reduce the incidences of beaver related flooding, both public and private lands can access the Beaver Control Program. Westlock County employs a beaver trapper to investigate and handle complaints.

Predator Control

The predator Control Program was put in place to eliminate coyote predation problems. If there is evidence of coyote harassment that standard prevention measures cannot control, bait is available from the County.

Grasshopper Survey

Westlock County completes an annual inspection of rural areas to assist in producing a provincial grasshopper forecast map.


In the last decade, raccoons have become an agricultural wildlife nuisance in Alberta.  Raccoons thrive in close association with man, and their numbers are increasing in the urban fringes.  As they become more abundant in Alberta, problems of bird depredation, disease transmission and agricultural damage will increase.

Fact Sheet


Clubroot prevents the uptake of water and nutrients and causes yield loss.  The program is designed to educate the producers while minimizing yield losses due to clubroot and reduce the further spread and buildup of clubroot in canola.  Clubroot inspections are also part of the program, inspections provide early detection for our farmers as they manage the disease on their farms.


Fusarium Graminearum (Fg) is a serious fungal disease of wheat, barley, oats and corn.

Why is it of concern

Fusarium Head Blight causes problems in two ways: first, it reduces yield and grade by producing fusarium-damaged kernels (FDK), and secondly, it can have a significant negative effect on the quality of grain intended for the feed, malting, milling, biofuel (ethanol) and brewing industries. FDK may contain fungal toxins that are poisonous to livestock and humans above certain threshold levels. Furthermore, FDK may produce poor quality malt and flour, and it can reduce alcohol yields during fermentation.

A three member partnership has been created including Athabasca, Barrhead, and Westlock Counties.  Our shared Conservation coordinator is based out of the County of Barrhead and provides information and leadership on environmentally sustainable programming for agricultural lands and the rural environment through on site visits, Environmental Farm Plans, provincial grant opportunities, workshops and extension activities.

For More Information contact:
Lisa Card Conservation Co-ordinator

or visit https://www.highway2conservation.com


Westlock County Agriculture Services offers the Treemakers Shelterbelt Program that is available to All residents of Westlock County and offers a variety of shelterbelt trees as well as ornamental trees and shrubs for a nominal cost. This program is now open and pick up for your tree orders will be in early May.

GST will be added to all rates

2018 Treemakers Order form EXCEL

2018 Treemakers Order Form PDF

2018 Treemakers Description 

For more information contact our office at 780-349-3346 or email us

The community garden is located in Southview and provides opportunities for gardeners to enjoy the abundance of fresh preserved veggies.  Come garden with us for a rewarding and fulfilling activity, neighborhood improvement, sense of community and a connection to the land and agriculture.

To join the Westlock Community Garden for Garden plot rentals and becoming a member contact:

Westlock & District Adult Learning Centre
Phone:  780-349-5253

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