The mandate of the Westlock Regional Municipal Airport Advisory Board is to assist the County in developing a vision for the future of the airport and to create a plan to bring that vision to reality, while maintaining an appropriate and reasonable level of service for the users of the facility, as determined by the County.  The Board will perform its duties in an advisory capacity only and will forward recommendations to the County which will include, but not necessarily be limited to the ongoing  maintenance and service levels, operating and capital budget and any potential upgrades or development.

Westlock Municipal Airport Advisory Board Bylaw 16-2013

The voting membership of the Board will consist of one (1) Elected Official from the Town of Westlock, one (1) Elected Official from the County and a maximum of five (5) public members at large who are owners or leaseholders of a hangar lot at the Westlock Municipal Regional Airport or a resident of the County.  The members of the Board will be appointed by resolution of council annually during the County’s Organizational Meeting held in October of each year.

The current Board members are:

Councillor Victor Julyan

Councillor John Shoemaker (Town of Westlock)

Dan Charrois

William Price

Larry Strilchuk

Patricia Williams

John Broomhall