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Westlock County Approach Specifications

In general, approach accesses will be limited to two (2) approaches per half mile for each side of the road.   In the event that a development/subdivision occurs, existing approaches could remain in place.  However, where possible, old approaches will be eliminated and one (1) dual approach will be constructed to provide access to the properties.  Where there are multi land parcels being created which parallel a roadway, a service road will be constructed to access the lots.  All costs relative to construction of approaches and/or a service road shall be responsibility of the developer or subdivision applicant.

The following standard or the standards of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) whichever is greater, should be used as a guideline for approach construction.

Standard single approach width:          8.0m (26’)at the property line (Single)

Standard approach width:                      12m (39’)at the property line (Dual)

Minimum radis:                                         6m (20’)

Side slopes:                                              3:1

*Culvert Diameter:                                    18” or equivalent to the first upstream 

Intersection separation:                            Minimum of 75m (246’) from any intersection

Separation from other approaches:        150m (492’)

Minimum sight distance:                           175m (574’) in both directions to see an object of 1.2m (4’)in height.

Gravel:                                                        25mm or 20mm (3/4”-1”)with a thickness of 50mm (2”)

Where an approach for a residential, commercial or industrial lot accesses onto a paved road or highway, the approach shall be paved from the edge of the road surface to the property line into the lot.  It is the developers’ responsibility to construct an approach on the existing lot in any hamlets if an approach does not already exists.  Any improvements to an existing approach shall be the developer’s responsibility.

Once the approach is completed, Westlock County Public Works should be contacted to inspect and pass the approach.

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