2016 Council edit
2013-2017 Council:  Front Row (left to right): Bud Massey, Reeve Don Savage, Leo Ludwig, Chief Administrative Officer, Albert St. Louis
Back Row:  Mel Kroetsch, Ron Zadunayski, Dennis Primeau and Deputy Reeve Raymond Marquette

The main roles and responsibilities of your elected officials is to establish the general direction of the County by way of evaluating existing operational programs, establishing and reviewing operational policies and to authorize annual operating and capital budgets.  In addition to these general responsibilities for the County, the elected officials are also appointed to various internal Committees as well as external autonomous organizations.

Westlock County's current compensation package for each Councillor is an honorarium of $2,042.70 per month plus a non taxable meeting allowance of $1,006.11= $3,048.81 per month. The Reeve's monthly honorarium is $2,247.41 along with a non taxable meeting allowance of $1,106.28= $3,353.69.  The County also provides each elected official with a benefit package that includes dental coverage, prescriptions, vision coverage, life insurance, accidental disability and dismemberment.  The benefit premiums are $296.58 or $124.86 per month for each elected official depending if it is family or individual coverage. Medical $166.06 (F) $66.55 (S) ETA $5.74 (F) $2.87 (S) and Dental $109.48 (F) $40.66 (S) - There is an additional monthly cost of $17.03-$19.10 for life insurance and accidental death coverage - the cost of the premium is established by the actual age of each elected official.



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