Awards and Grants

Westlock County acknowledges the outstanding contributions of our community members and organizations that help to make our community such an amazing place. Council would like to offer assistance through two Grant Opportunities with an application deadline of March 15th, 4:30 PM followed by a review by the Community Development Committee with recommendations forwarded to Council for their approval, with the actual notification and funding of proposed proposals by March 30th. 

Westlock County Community Capital Grant

The Westlock County Community Capital Grant is intended to provide assistance to community organizations for capital projects that are open to the public without restrictions.  These projects must enhance the community’s economic vitality, improve quality of life and/or maintain community assets in the area of sports, recreation, community wellness, parks, arts and culture. 

Capital Grant Policy
Capital Grant Package

Westlock County Community Project Grant

The Westlock County Community Project Grant is intended to provide financial assistance to community organizations for projects that will enhance and enrich the community by providing a direct service to the community and are responsive to community needs and issues.

Community Project Grant Policy
Project Grant Package

Westlock County Youth Assistant Grant

Westlock County contributes to local individuals and organizations that have progressed in their activity to the Zone, Provincial, National or International Level for youths 18 years of age or under.  

Youth Assistant Grant Policy

Westlock County Scholarship Grant

In recognition of the importance of education to the future well-being of rural communities, Westlock county wishes to financially support students attending a recognized post secondary institution in Alberta and who have not previously recieved a scholarship award from Westlock County.  

Scholarship Grant Policy

AAMDC Scholarship

The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMDC) Scholarship Program is designed to encourage young rural Albertans to pursue further education and enhance the ability of young people to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Through its scholarship program, the AAMDC provides funding assistance to five rural students each year (one student from each of the five AAMDC geographic districts).

This scholarship is available for Westlock County residents, registered to commence their first year of studies at a recognized post-secondary institution. View the AAMDC Scholarship Program website for eligibility and application information.


Westlock County Hamlet Mowing and Community Cleanup Grant

Westlock County Council supports community activities to beautify and maintain aesthetic communities within the County.  Council also recognizes that non-profit organizations are often involved in these beautification activities, and face challenges in obtaining funds for community activities. 

In recognition of the economic challenges faced by the non-profit community organizations, and toward the objective of improving community aesthetics, Council will provide grant funding to non-profit community organizations in County Hamlets for community clean-ups, and for mowing of grass on Community Hall properties, parks, and playgrounds.   

Hamlet Mowing and Community Cleanup Grant Policy

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